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The Best Way To Sell Is To Stop ‘Selling’ Altogether

You must be thinking that the writer must be out of his mind to make a statement like this. But, this article will prove that the best way to make is sell is by stopping selling.

In the current scenario, marketing has become all about shouting. Every business is shouting hard to make it to the prospective clients’ ears; the louder you shout the more chances of making a sale. However, this concept is completely flawed in current situation. People are so much bored of continuous and hardcore selling that they get irritated by the very word ‘salesman’. They cannot be blamed for it, because salesman used the same tactics over several years making them grow bored of it. You need to adapt yourself to the changing conditions if you want to survive the competition. There are few special programs like unlock the game script that can teach you the novel ways of conversing with you prospective clients without turning them off.
Here is a list of things to keep in mind while conversing with your prospective clients-

Do not pose as helping but help

Most of the earlier scripts stressed that the salesman should pose as being helpful. However, none of them actually stressed on ‘helping’! When you pick up the phone for calling a prospective client, make up your mind that you actually want to help the person in finding a solution.  People can judge your tone whether you are posing or actually want to help.

Do not start abruptly

Take a deep breath before you call a prospective client. Clear your mind from any preoccupied thoughts. When you call, do not start abruptly. Most people would keep the phone when they hear a person who wants to sell something. Give him time to decide that you are not among those and that your sole motive is to help them find a solution to a problem.

Make it a two way conversation

Even psychologists say that the best productive conversation is a two way conversation. So when you pick up phone for calling your prospective client, remind yourself that you are going to give equal opportunity to your listener to contribute to the conversation.

Instead of guiding the conversation, let your perspective client steer the conversation. This is how you can win the trust of the person on the other side of phone.

Do not push

Most salesman in their desperation to sell, often become aggressive and push the prospective client for taking a decision. A better approach can be to guide them to the solution and let them be the decisive figure. Provide them with an option to choose your service or find an alternative himself.

The moment you suggest your service as a solution when the conversation it still premature, your prospective client will sense your hidden desire to sell and may drift away. Instead of proposing them that your service is the best solution to their problem just tell them the properties of your service and leave it onto them to decide. The lesser desperation you show the better it will be for your sales.

Salesmanship is like an art. The more you excel in it the greater will be your success. You can learn more about this from unlock the game script. It has comprehensive step by step description of how to persuade a pr3ospective client into buying your product.

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